NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2020 - IT'S HERE!


Соломенные сандалии
NSA Codebreaker Challenge 2020 - IT'S HERE! - https://codebreaker.ltsnet.net/home

The 2020 Codebreaker Challenge consists of a series of tasks that are worth a varying amount of points based upon their difficulty. This year, we are releasing the challenge in multiple phases.

All Phase 1 tasks will become available immediately once the Challenge goes live and can be solved in any order, though there may be some dependencies between tasks. We will post updates about Phase 2 in the weeks to come.

The point value associated with each task is based on relative difficulty and schools will be ranked according to the total number of points accumulated by their students. It is still recommended to solve tasks in order since the tasks flow with the storyline, but that is not a requirement. Solutions may be submitted at any time for the duration of the Challenge.

Регистрация - https://codebreaker.ltsnet.net/register
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