Let's Crack Zodiac


Соломенные сандалии
Let's Crack Zodiac
Как расшифровали шифр серийного убийцы Зодиака (12.2020)
This is the Zodiac speaking

AZdecrypt 1.19:
What's new?

- Spacing between words for English text is now added to the solutions but can be disabled through Options, Solvers, Add spaces to output: No. You can also add spaces to text via the Input window and then Format, Add spaces to plaintext.
- Solvers Substitution + polyphones [auto] and [user] have been merged into Substitution + polyphones. Using the solver will open up a new menu that includes all the old functionality and more plus a new Hafer shifts solver mode!
- In previous versions results were not output until the thread was completely finished and that resulted in a possible wait time on very long runs. That's no longer the case.
- The solvers that use a additional hill-climber on top now update the Output window every second and the best result is now persistent between restarts.
- Re-enabled the 7-gram functionality. beijinghouse v6 7-grams download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lvh3Ih ... sp=sharing (418 MB)
- Very noteworthy across-the-board improved solver efficiency.
- Size reduced beijinghouse v6 5 and 6-grams included.

Newest download (10/11/2020) AZdecrypt 1.19: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_lP82N ... sp=sharing (269 MB download)

- 64-bit Windows application.

Older versions: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5r0r ... mljRWJvYkU

Additional n-gram files:

- 7-grams_english_beijinghouse_v6: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lvh3Ih ... sp=sharing (418 MB download)
- 8-grams_english_beijinghouse_v6: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v9xvmK ... sp=sharing (5 GB download)
- 8-grams_english_jarlve_reddit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V1N0dp ... sp=sharing (1 GB download)

Quickstart guide:

To get started, open the program and click on Open file (or copy-paste a cipher into the input window) and then click on solve and your cipher will be solved.

It comes with a library of built in dimension, manipulation, text and transposition functions. As well as various statistics and formatting options like converting from numbers to characters and vice versa. Support for custom n-gram alphabets and batch solving, look at "Ciphers/Batch/" for examples. No help file, help yourself or ask here.

If you find any bugs or have suggestions I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

FileSummary + LabelsUploadedSize
zkdecrypto_v1.zipZKDecrypto Version 1.0 FINAL Featured Type-Archive OpSys-WindowsJul 25, 20083.87MB
zkdecrypto_beta4.zipZKDecrypto Beta 4 DeprecatedJun 24, 20083.23MB
340.ascii.mod03.txtThis is the 340 cipher test file #3. transposition DeprecatedMay 30, 2008378
WordsToLookFor.txtThis file contains words that ZK may have used in the cipher. Type-DocsMay 24, 20081.56KB
340.ascii.mod02.txtThis is the 340 cipher test file #2. transposition DeprecatedMay 24, 2008378
340.ascii.mod01.txtThis is the 340 cipher test file #1. Type-Docs DeprecatedMay 6, 2008380
zkdecrypto_beta3.zipzkdecrypto Beta 3 Deprecated OpSys-Windows Type-ArchiveMar 17, 20083.21MB
zkdecrypto_beta2.zipzkdecrypto Beta 2 DeprecatedFeb 25, 20084.34MB
zkdecrypto_beta1.zipzkdecrypto_beta1 DeprecatedJan 28, 20082.08MB
gen_cipher.exeA Windows EXE version of Mike Cole's homophonic cipher generator - does not need PERL installed. Type-Executable OpSys-WindowsJan 11, 20081.62MB
gen_cipher.plMike Cole's PERL program to generate homophonic ciphers OpSys-Linux OpSys-OSX Type-SourceJan 11, 200830.16KB


ZKDecrypto 1.2
glurk released this on Mar 16, 2015
ZKD 1.2 Binary Release.
ZKDV1.2.zip4.64 MB
Source code(zip)
Source code(tar.gz)

Zodiac font

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qrw0bny728dqbic/Peek-a-boo-v1.1 beta.zip?dl=0
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