Programming Language Pragmatics, Scott M, Fouth edition


ищу книгу "Programming Language Pragmatics", очень желательно именно 4е издание, а так же CD к ней.
Вот здесь есть какие-то "supporting materials", но это вроде то ли часть того, что есть на CD, то ли совсем не то, понять трудно, т.к. самого CD, ясное дело, нет.
Заранее благодарен!


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Получить доступ к instructors’ materials очень трудно, если оценивать полностью, то не хватает:

Supplemental Materials
In addition to supplemental sections, the companion site contains complete source code for all nontrivial examples, and a list of all known errors in the book. Additional resources are available on-line at For instructors who have adopted the text, a password-protected page provides access to
  • Editable PDF source for all the figures in the book
  • Editable PowerPoint slides
  • Solutions to most of the exercises
  • Suggestions for larger projects
Instructors’ Materials
To access the instructors’ materials, you will need to have an instructor’s account with Morgan Kaufmann (Elsevier). If you don’t already have such an account, you can request one using their on-line form. Once you are logged in to your account, you can click directly here. This should take you to a page with links to the lecture slides and instructions for accessing the exercise solutions and projects.
Т.е. только

Solutions Manual for - Programming Language Pragmatics - Fourth Edition

Suggested solutions to selected exercises are available on-line to instructors who have adopted the text. The solutions are password protected; for access contact
contact email address
, or register on-line at (Once you log in at, the login name and password for the solutions can be found on the Instructor Manual page.)


Our standard request is that you not post solutions online and that you take precautions to protect the integrity of our password protected sites. We have been notified that students are searching the Internet for answers to their homework exercises from other instructors’ websites. Please respect the need to restrict access to this material and take adequate precautions to prevent access to solutions by students not in your own courses.
– The Morgan Kaufmann staff​
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